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Inemo Samiama was born in Nigeria's Niger Delta in the town of Kalama. He describes himself as representing a new generation of African musicians. From his earliest years Inemo was shaped and influenced by music. His father, a guitarist, taught him to play. At the age of 18 he formed a professional group with a friend, the well known Nigerian musician Majek Fashek. The group was called Jah Stix.
Inemo travelled to Paris in the early eighties, where he played with artists like Rido Bayone, Ray Lema and Tony Allen. Inemo was then signed by Mercury/Universal for his debut album Bushman which mixed African melodies with techno, hip-hop, jungle, dub and ambient sounds. Mercury/Universal also released his second album Mr Bushman – Are You Remixed which included remixes of the first album and some new tracks.
Following the huge success of both albums, Inemo was nominated for an RFI (Radio France Industry) Music Award as Best World Music Artist.
Inemo has now decided to return to his roots. After three years of composing, recording and travelling between London, Paris and Africa, Inemo is back with a new album, Afro Funky Beats (2006) on Black Mango Records and is based in London. The music is mostly Afrobeat but the album also features some other West African rhythms like hi-life, hence its title.
With this album, Inemo demonstrates that his music can reinvent and enrich itself with new sounds, he mixes African melodies with contemporary sounds. Inemo’s music also carries strong messages. He wishes to make a positive change in his environment and community through his music. A cry for