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Maciré Sylla

One of Guinea-Conakry's best-known singers, Maciré Sylla is also a very accomplished dancer. Her talent for music showed when she was very young, growing up in a village. From the Soussou ethnic group, Maciré was brought up in Tayire by her maternal grandmother. After continuing at school in Conakry she decided to focus solely on music and dance. She joined the dance company Soleil d'Afrique and became their lead dancer. During that time she trained further in cultural myths and mysteries and also attended musical events such as the sabar and doundoumba in Conakry. A breakthrough came in 1989 at a competition when Bruno Camara - founder of percussion group Africa Djolé - asked Maciré to join his group Fatala based in the Netherlands. Maciré toured with Fatala for 4 years.
In 1993 Maciré went back to Guinea and she met her future husband, Swiss musician Cédric Asséo. One year later they formed an ensemble called Djembé Faré . Their first recording Mariama (1997) was a great success in West Africa. Maciré followed this up with her albums Maya Irafama (2000), Sarefi (Reward) (2004), Massa (2005) and Talitha (2010). Cédric Asséo is the artistic director and plays the fulani flute as well as other instruments.