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Nawal originally comes from the Comoros islands off the East African coast. So respected is she that she's known as 'The Voice of the Comoros'. Nawal heard a variety of popular and spiritual music while growing up, and other members of her family are musicians too.
She is not only a singer, she's a multi-instrumentalist. She plays the Comoran gambusi which is a like a banjo (actually originally from Yemen!), the daf (frame drum from Iran) and the guitar. Her music is distinctive and yet has many influences such as Persian, Indian and Arabian, Bantu polyphonies and Sufi trance. Reflecting those, she uses Comoran, Arabic, French and English languages for her lyrics.
Nawal's first album Kweli (Truth) was released in 2001. It has 11 beautiful acoustic tracks featuring many top musicians including 2 from Fela Kuti's family!
Her songs are mostly about light life and love, with messages about education and unity.
Several of Nawal's songs are included on compilations, for example Putumayo featured Nawal’s song 'Hima' on the Women of Africa compilation (2004), and 'Al Djalilu' is on Island Blues (2002).
Nawal's second album, Aman (2007) is acoustic roots-based fusion - in the songs Nawal sings about creation and she wants each person to have peace in their soul. In this album her own voice