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Suzzana Owiyo

One of Kenya's top female vocalists, Suzzana Owiyo comes from Kisumu, near Lake Victoria. Growing up in that area Suzzana watched and listened as her grandfather played Nyatiti, a traditional stringed instrument.
While at school, Suzzana won many awards as her talents were recognised early at local and national drama and music festivals.
After finishing school Suzzana moved to Nairobi to be a backing vocalist for Sally Oyugi and then for the band Bora Bora. She moved back to Kisumu for another year then decided to become a solo artist.
Nairobi would be the best place to be based for opportunities so Suzzana moved back there, enrolled at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music and signed a contract to sing at a club in Karen. She was asked to compose a theme song to mark Kisumu town’s elevation to city status during its centennial celebrations in 2001. Her song was 'Kisumu 100' which has become very well known all over Kenya and Africa. Suzanna plays guitar and has recently taken the bold step of playing the nyatiti (see photo above), which has previously been considered inappropriate for women.
From 2002 to 2004 Suzzana performed at numerous international ceremonies and festivals, most notably the KORA Awards in South Africa, FESPAM in Congo Brazzaville and Festival Mundial in Holland. In
December 2004 Suzzana and her band were on stage at the Nobel Peace Prize concert alongside a host of international stars. Suzanna was part of Ecofest in Nairobi, on 4th June 2006. The theme was 'Discovering Home' and she and other participants pledged to use music and art to sensitize the public about healthy living and the environment.