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Déesse Mukangi

Déesse Mukangi was born in Kisangani in Congo but grew up in Kinshasa. 
At the age of 18 she joined Bozi Boziana's Orchestre Anti-Choc after he split away from the Choc Stars. After arriving in Europe in 1991 she recorded a solo album on the Sterns Africa label, Little Goddess in 1992 (see CDs). She is an impressive dancer and vocalist currently based in Paris. Déesse is often a guest singer, using the languages of Lingala, Kiswahili and French, with the many Paris-based Congolese bands and frequently joins them for British gigs.
Déesse sings lead vocal on the track 'Tupendane' on the compilation album Karamba (see CDs). More recently she has featured on Mose Fan Fan's The Congo Acoustic CD where she takes lead vocal on the track 'Mama Yeye' and backing vocals on several other tracks (see CDs).
In recent years Déesse has worked with Bozi Boziana, notably singing on 4 tracks on the award-winning CD Bana Saint-Gabriel (see CDs). She also sings on Defao Mtumona's (aka General Defao) CD of 2000 Nessy de London along with Nyboma and Bellou Canta. 
In 2000 Déesse took part in Fan Fan's ‘A Night in Kinshasa' in Britain (see Photos). She followed this up by joining Somo Somo for their 2002 tour.

Déesse features on the 2001 album, Safari Sisters. For details on how to purchase the CD plus a sound extract, click on the hand. 
's new solo album, Lettre Anonyme was released in 2002. On the 11-track album one of the songs is a duet with Papa Wemba, 'Saidia', and also a song that was originally by Mpongo Love, 'Ba kake'.
Latest news is that Déesse is in Los Angeles for an African Magic Night.