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Saidi Kanda

Saidi comes from a Tanzanian family with a traditional musical heritage. While growing up in Tanzania, Saidi learnt to play many traditional instruments of the Ndengeleko and Manyema people. He learnt these from his grandmother who played the mbira, his mother who was a singer, and traditional drummers. At school he led the drumming group during celebrations and also learnt more at a Catholic mission and he became well-known for his skills. 
In his teens, Saidi played in several different bands, including Orchestra Kizibo and Biashara Jazz Band in Dar es Salaam and then joined one of Tanzania's most famous bands, Remmy Ongala's Super Matimila in 1981. After some years this gave Saidi the opportunity for international travel as the band toured USA and Europe with WOMAD. His great talents were recognised as he was awarded WOMAD Percussionist of the Year in 1989.
Saidi has been based in Britain since 1990, residing first in London and then Brighton. He is a founder member of Orchestra Baboma who have toured Britain extensively. 
Saidi was a part of Mose Fan Fan's Somo Somo when they toured Britain in 1997 and, in 2001, toured with Santana

Mongoley's Viva Congolia (see photo). Also Saidi has been closely involved with Dade Krama's West African Folklore Project. In addition, Saidi leads percussion and traditional music workshops and performs solo. For example he has appeared on Children's ITV and Sky TV, demonstrating the traditional music of Tanzania.
As far as recordings are concerned, of course he features as a drummer and composer on many of the CDs by the bands he has played in, such as Dade Krama's inspiring Ancestral Dance. His own CDs include Jumannes go Rhumba. You can be sure he is working on more recordings!