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Sally Nyolo

Sally comes from Cameroon but left there to live in Paris at the age of 13. For some time she performed as a backing vocalist but her international musical career began when she joined the highly energetic a capella band Zap Mama that had burst onto the scene in 1989. The five girls, based in Belgium, recorded several CDs in a truly global style. 
Beginning in 1996, Sally brought out 2 very successful solo acoustic albums,Tribu and Multiculti, singing in the Eton language. But it was in 1998 when Sally had gone to Cameroon to film a movie and perform that she decided to base her third CD there, breaking into the bikutsi style from Cameroon. This involved going back to her traditional roots and getting inspiration from the Beti women (hence the title of the CD) in the woods. She wanted to concentrate on the traditional bikutsi rhythms using versatile percussion, rattles, mvet, drums and xylophones rather than the modern electric version. Sally's third CD, Beti, was thus created in her homeland of Cameroon and was released in 2000. The 18-track recording involved a large number of musicians. A few of the tracks are in French and English, for example 'Bonne Annee', a perfect new anthem for New Year. There is a beautifully designed fold-out leaflet with photos and interpretation of the lyrics. Two of the tracks are very short with an

intensity of traditional village sounds. 
Latest news is that Sally has recorded a fourth album, Zaione, released in 2002. She also now has a son born in 2001 and his name is Zaione too! Once again Sally's songs are full of fresh colourful sounds, blending in a bit of reggae in some tracks, instruments such as the violin on others. Guests who feature with Sally on Zaione include Princess Erika and Suber.
Sally has toured extensively in Europe, Canada and USA.  In summer 2004 she performed in London's African Music Festival (see photo above).
Let's watch out for her as she continues in her quest...